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Justin Tyler

Résumés by J. Tyler was an idea birthed by certified professional résumé writer Justin Tyler to provide job seekers a trusted, educational resource and partner with professionals.  The ultimate goal is to unlock their respective paths to career and life satisfaction.

An experienced professional in sales, marketing, recruitment and HR, J. Tyler is the author of The Résumé Playbook.  He created this book to share his winning formula on how to develop optimized, achievement-based and value-laden résumés and cover letters.  Breaking down the perceived aura and mystery behind writing your own résumé and cover letter is what singularly drove Justin to pen his first book.

He states that “job seekers must make the personal investment in themselves to learn the nuances of creating a professional branding portfolio that accurately reflect a candidate’s career value.  Oftentimes, the candidate that receives the job offer is the person that knows how to uniquely translate his or her appearance, branding portfolio, swag and KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities).”

Justin has conducted numerous career workshops and career coaching sessions, worked as an employment specialist for Rutgers University and is currently a global ambassador for KD Hall Foundation, a growing communications organization in Washington state that provides opportunities to girls and women for economic achievement as well as personal and professional development.  He currently works and lives in Doha, Qatar (home of the 2022 World Cup).  In his spare time, he writes poetry, reads and enjoy participating in a variety of sports.

Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Master’s degree in Management and a second Master’s in Human Resource Management.

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