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Make Your First Impression Your BEST Impression!


Make Your First Impression Your BEST Impression!

Justin Tyler

Just like introducing yourself confidently and memorably to a person of interest for the first time, the same premise holds for your résumé, as well.  After adding your Contact Information to your résumé, it now demands a strong, notable introduction to recruiters and hiring managers.

On average, recruiters take 6 seconds to scan your résumé on average between conducting a phone screen, answering emails, deciding what to eat for lunch, writing notes in their recruiting database and posting a message on their Facebook page.  Oh, I forgot to mention that recruiters at busy organizations are probably working on 4 other open positions that field an average of 250 applications per job post.

Yeahhh, time is of the essence for recruiters as well as what you first present to the attention of hiring managers.  You must do what it legally takes to earn recruiter’s attention because it’s too easy for them to turn down a résumé.

A proper Résumé Summary/Objective section should be short, concise and memorable.  It must showcase your experience, qualifications, achievement and top skills.  You are demonstrating why you are an outstanding candidate and potential future hire.


“High performing, enthusiastic sales leader with 10 years of experience motivating and leading diverse sales teams to achievement.  Consistently rated top 10% annually in territory sales across five states with over $50 million earned in total product sales.  Driver of high-volume sales and market share growth with key accounts.  Customizes sales, marketing and distribution services based on customer needs and interests.”

A Résumé Objective can also be utilized to demonstrate your professional value, but the difference lies in how to construct the statement and who should use it.


“Seasoned account executive genuinely interested in becoming a recruiter.  Possesses a recent track record of account acquisition with consistent monthly sales ranking in top 5% organization-wide.  Earned stellar retention ratings with less than 5% attrition.  Will apply patience and understanding of recruitment nuances and strategies to recruit and retain top talent.”

This particular job seeker desires a transition from sales to recruitment/HR.

Always position your résumé summary or résumé objective to focus on employer needs and how you can exceed their expectations.

Job seekers who should prefer the résumé objective are the following:

·       Career Changers

·       Students and Entry-Level Job Seekers

·       Job Seekers Targeting Specific Positions

Moreover, compliment your résumé summary/objective with your top core competencies and skills that are requested on the job description that is being used to build your résumé.


Wait, I don’t know if you caught that, but every résumé and cover letter MUST be based off the job description of your preference.  Yes, hiring managers scan your résumé in 6 seconds or less for your qualifications and vital keywords, but oftentimes, they are not the first set of “eyes” on your résumé.  It is the 21st century and the era of optimizing time, so it is only fitting that your résumé is most likely to be scanned and vetted by a robot.  Yes, a robot, through the form of an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).  This software scans résumés for specific keywords that were specifically listed on the job description.

How does this process work?

1.       Hiring manager scans résumés into a computer

2.       Hiring manager inputs keywords that the ATS will scan

3.       ATS scans résumés for their keywords

4.       ATS provides a grade/percentage on keywords found

5.       Hiring manager will/will not contact applicant for interview based on this score

Even worse, if you spell something that has different variations (like the acronym MBA v. M.B.A.), you can be penalized without your knowing.

Thus, literally mirror the exact spelling on the job description.  Use phrases verbatim, but don’t get too carried away with copying every keyword on your résumé, especially if you can’t support them with your work history and achievements.